Tallinn Zoo supports the Protection of Endangered Species in the Wild

According to the IUCN Red List more than 12 500 animal species in the world are threatened by extinction. Zoos can do a lot for the conservation and survival for these endangered species. Species protection has many tools like preserving the habitats, regulating the trade with protected species, restoration of wild populations, fighting against poaching, as well as education and scientific work. But all this needs resources.

Tallinn Zoo and Foundation Lutreola have contributed to the preservation of the European mink for years. An island sanctuary has been established in Hiiumaa, where this small semiaquatic predator is protected from the detrimental impact of the American mink.

Last year, we expanded our activities to fund-raising of resources for species conservation. Throughout the year volunteers have collected donations, held sales of non-profit merchandise and homemade cakes, and organised charity café evenings. At the end of the year, a further step was taken by the opening of a non-profit webshop at pood.lutreola.eu. All the proceeds from the sales of the merchandise will be donated to the protection of endangered species.

During this short period of time, 1115,77 euros have been collected for the preservation of the European mink. The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) was supported with 2367,78 euros, and the Snow Leopard Trust received a contribution in the amount of 1183,89 euros. We supported the building of enclosures for orphaned or sick rhinos in Ol Jogi conservancy in Kenya with 1030,40 euros through the international organisation Save the Rhino. We also started collaborating with the Estonian Fund for Nature in order to support the conservation and research of the critically endangered local flying squirrel population.

Our activities will expand even more. The selection of products will widen and in addition to the Zoo’s souvenir shop and the webshop, the merchandise will in the future be available at other points of sale. Kopli Vocational School of Tallinn has joined our fund-raising efforts and companies order business gifts with the photos of our animals.

As we care deeply about the wellbeing of Estonian economy, all our products have been made in Estonia. Also, as all the people who are active in the project are volunteers, there are no administrative costs.

You can make a contribution to species protection by donating a suitable amount to the bank account of LUTREOLA:

IBAN: EE692200221012181039

Liivalaia 8
15040 Tallinn

Please include your identity code (Foundation Lutreola is included in the list of income tax incentive non-profit organisations) and the tag DONATION in the payment information.

Paypal users can easily send their contribution via the address support@lutreola.eu. Please include the tag DONATION and the species you wish to support (snow leopard, amur leopard/amur tiger, European mink, rhino, flying squirrel or species protection in general).

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to species conservation!



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