24th week

On the coming Sunday, June 18, the zoo invites everyone to see how the zoo animals play: another environmental enrichment day takes place at the zoo. Starting at 10 o’clock in the morning, the animals will be given new and exciting toys, many of which were made with the help of visitors on the Night of Museums. The programme of the day is available here.

Kibibi pojaga õues_foto Signe KalganLast Sunday, the little rhino girl went outside for the first time and took a long nap afterwards. On Thursday, she was let outdoors to run both before and after noon. Weather permitting, the little calf will be allowed outdoors as soon as she is awake.

pelikaninooruk_foto Inari LeimanThe great white pelican, who hatched in the incubator on January 20, was allowed to meet other pelicans and the zoo visitors on the waterfowl ponds.

The little European hare, who was brought to the zoo in the end of May, was also allowed on the meadow of the waterfowl ponds to eat fresh grass and engage in some workout.

naaritsapojad_foto Tiit MaranAt the species protection research lab of the zoo, European minks have had eight litter with a total of 30 cubs during May. Another couple of litters are expected.

The family of collared mangabeys had a long-awaited new arrival on Monday. On Wednesday, a hystrix as born. More kids are born to the ibexes and mountain sheep.

A bar-headed goose chick hatched in the incubator last Friday, two common mergansers followed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, chicks hatched in the barnacle goose nest on the waterfowl ponds.

On Sunday, a young fair-coloured male alpaca arrived from Klaipeda, Lithuania. On Monday, two blue-and-yellow macaws, a yak couple, caracal Naomi, and the alpaca boy Inka from the Children’s Zoo embarked on their journey to Klaipeda.

On Monday, the elderly baribal Hiti passed away.

Next week, it is well worth coming to see the camels of the zoo – June 22 marks the World Camel Day.

šimpans Pino_foto Merike ValdloOn Midsummer Day, June 24, Tallinn Zoo’s male chimpanzee Pino celebrates his 30th birthday. A small photo stand introducing his life is compiled for the occasion. On July 3, the donor of chimpanzees, Viasat, organises a fun family day filled with workshops for Pino’s anniversary.

Tickets to the zoo’s late-night excursions, which take place until the middle of July, are still available on Piletilevi.


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