25th week

On last week’s zoo animals’ environmental enrichment day, both primates and predators, ungulates and elephants were given new and exciting toys. Watch the environmental enrichment video here.
kaelusmangabei pojaga_foto Inari Leiman kaelusmangabei pojaga2_foto Inari Leiman kaelusmangabei pojaga4_foto Inari Leiman kaelusmangabei pojaga5_foto Inari Leiman
Those who were observant may have been lucky enough to see the addition to the white-collared mangabey family: a week-old baby firmly grasping onto its mother’s belly.

Last weekend, four spot-billed duck, a bar-headed goose and an Elliot’s pheasant chicks hatched in the incubator. On Tuesday, five Reeves’s pheasant chicks emerged from the egg.

lauk-amatsoonpapagoi_foto Inari LeimanDespite the chilly start of summer, tiny common marmosets, sand cats as well as different parrots can be seen in the outdoor enclosures of the tropical house. The blue-and-yellow macaw couple moved outside for the summer as well. The macaws’ indoor enclosure was taken over by a white-fronted amazon, for whom the changeable Estonian weather is not too comfortable.

The alpacas and guanacos living near the tropical house exchanged enclosures for a while as the larger guanaco herd will be able to eat more and clean the enclosure of bush faster.

On Tuesday, the young female caracal Barunka was brought to the caracal enclosure of the pachyderm house from the vet building’s quarantine facility. As soon as the young feline, who arrived in Tallinn from Dvur Kralove zoo in February, adjusts to the new residence and starts to eat, she will be allowed outdoors to meet the visitors.

kingitus loomadeleThe sizeable maternity support to the rhino from the Social Democratic Party covered the purchase of a large number of balls and special feeders, which were delivered to the zoo on Wednesday by the couriers of the transport company DPD Eesti AS. The first ball was taken to the rhino enclosure already.

ringpinkIn front of the elephant tower, however, a beautiful African-themed round bench was completed.

Pino keskkonnarikastamise päeval ümbrust seiramas_foto Inari LeimanOn Midsummer Day, which is also the 30th birthday of male chimpanzee Pino, all three of the zoo’s chimpanzees can try the jubilee cake, and the visitors of the zoo can learn about the jubilarian’s life on photo stands in both the tropical house as well as the outdoor gallery.



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