To get better acquainted with the Zoo, you can order yourself guided tours, either general or thematic.

General tour

A general tour takes at least 2 hours and involves a lot of walking. You will see the whole exhibit, with emphasis on rare and endangered species.

General tour* Price (€)
Monday to Friday (2 hours) 60,00
Saturday-Sunday (2 hours) 70,00
Extra hour 40,00

Thematic tour

The minimum duration of a thematic tour is 1 hour. Being more or less connected with school programs, thematic tours are meant chiefly for students. But such kind of tours can also be ordered by those interested in any special topics of zoology.

Thematic tour* Price (€)
Monday to Friday (1 hour) 40,00
Saturday-Sunday (1 hour) 50,00

*To guide rates ticket prices are added
**One free adult ticket per every 20 people (21st free)


Book a tour

To book a tour at the zoo please fill out the form below. The maximum amount of people in a tour is 25 people and in case the groups are bigger, the people are divided into smaller groups. Please mention the group size when booking a tour.

Tours can only be started during ticket office open hours. You can choose a day and time that fits your plans best. You can start the tour either from the address Paldiski mnt. 145 (located across the Rocca al Mare shopping center) or Ehitajate tee 150 (across from the Õismäe area). NB! We request you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your tour.

More information about the tours at +372 6 943 363/ +372 588 35 804 or Please book the tour at least a week in advance.

Tours are held in Estonian, Finnish, Russian, English, Spanish and French.

Book a tour




If you haven’t received a confirmation letter in three days, please write to us or call +372 588 35 804 / +372 6 943 363.


  • Ticket office
  • Indoor expositions *
  • Children’s Zoo

*Indoor exhibitions are closed on Mondays
You are allowed to walk in the Zoo for 2 hours after the Ticket office is closed.

How to get here

Entrance at Paldiski mnt
Bus stop: Zoo, busses nr. 21, 21B, 22, 42 and 43; by car, bicycle or walk

Entrance at Ehitajate tee
Bus stop: Nurmenuku, busses nr. 10, 28, 41, 42, 43, 46, 47; by car, bicycle or walk

Entrance locations on the map


Mo-Fr +372 6943 300

Ehitajate tee 150 / Paldiski mnt. 145