Ninth week

The week has passed in anticipation of the polar bear cub emerging from its den. Finally, tighter mesh was installed to the wide-gapped bars of the enclosure and, on Wednesday, the little bear made his debut. On the first day, the mom and cub never made it much further from the hatch, as father Nord and 3-year-old Nora were too noisy and inquisitive nearby, making mother Friida especially cautious. The next day, however, mother and son could happily explore the outside territory while Nord and Nora were kept busy indoors.

Friida ja mõmm6_1.03.17_foto Inari Leiman Friida ja mõmm1_2.03.17_foto Inari Leiman Friida ja mõmm2_2.03.17_foto Inari Leiman mõmm3_1.03.17_foto Inari Leiman

As the name competition of the little bear is still ongoing, it is certainly worthwhile to come to the zoo and lay eyes on the little one yourself. On Sunday, Polar Bear Day is held at the zoo and the new enclosure of the polar bears due to be completed by autumn can be explored as well.

Last Friday, two common marmosets were born in the tropical house. On Monday, a cub was born to a larger rodent from South America, Azara’s agouti. The pelican chick growing in the waterfowl house stood up on its own legs and moved from the incubator to the rearing room of larger chicks.

The eagles of Kullimäe are very active, courting and building nests. Bactrian camels are excited as the male camel Said has joined the females. Japanese rat snakes, the bluish green residents of the Japanese archipelago, seem to have grown tender feelings as well: they lie on a stump in each other’s embrace rather often. From the seal pool, however, grumbling can be heard, as the female grey seal is busy rejecting the advances of the male.

The two zebra finches who hatched in the nature school’s wildlife class last year are participating in a young artist’s art project and have moved to the Art Hall in Vabaduse Square. Until the middle of April, they can be seen at the survey exhibition “Elust maal” (“Life on Earth and in the Country”) compiled in collaboration of the Estonian Artists’ Association and newspaper Maaleht, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.


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