Tenth week

The sunny and crisp Sunday lured a record number, 1585 guests to the Zoo for the Polar Bear Day, and contributed an extra 1000 offers to the name competition of the little cub. The polar bear mom and cub could play and dig a den in the large mounds of snow brought into their outdoors enclosure by friends of the zoo. 730 euros were raised for the building of the new polar bear home from the sales of special polar bear cookies. On Wednesday, the name commission unanimously christened the polar bear cub Aron.

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The Canada and Andean goose of the waterfowl ponds have become ever noisier and are preparing to measure out the nesting territories. The red-crowned cranes sing duets and dance exquisitely.

On Monday, the first egg appeared in the nest of cinereous vultures, and on Wednesday, in the nest of Steller’s sea eagles. Both nests can be observed via nest cameras. The egg of the bearded cultures, who gave up hatching in the beginning of March, keeps developing in the incubator.

The male takin was moved to a separate enclosure to give females peace to prepare for calving.

On Thursday, the warthog Tarantella was anaesthetised as its hooves needed to be trimmed. The predators were administered routine parasite control.

On Tuesday, the 12-year-old red fox Senna, who had been born in Tallinn Zoo, passed away, and on Thursday, we said good-bye to the 17-year-old brown lemur Irši, also born in Tallinn Zoo, while its mother, a 27-year-old animal born in Liberec Zoo of the Czech Republic, is still quite robust.

Next Sunday, the painting exhibition dedicated to the 75th jubilee of the beloved painter and glass artist Iris Uuk will be opened in the foyer of the Environmental Education Centre. The exhibition will remain open until the end of May.


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