Thirteenth week

The last week of March, which was cheerfully sunny and awoke the coltsfoots, lured the buds of liverleaves out of old hay, and made snowdrops, snowflakes, and crocuses blossom in the flower-beds, ended with a carpet of snow on Friday, but the warm temperature promised for the beginning of April will not let the winter return.

Aron_porine_foto Inari Leiman Aron_DSC03988 Aron_foto Inari Leiman Friida ja Aron_foto Inari Leiman
Polar bear cub Aron and his mother Friida, who have started to look like proper mud bears, as the cub must grow a bit before learning to enjoy the pleasures of the pool, managed to whiten their fur a bit rolling around in the snow. Three-year-old polar bear girl Nora, however, splashes around in the pool and plays with the balls with such enthusiasm that she hardly pays any attention to her surroundings.

kulaanid_foto Inari Leiman kulaan_foto Inari Leiman kuldfaasan_foto Inari Leiman vöölane notiga_foto Inari Leiman
Mallards who have taken a fancy to each other are stamping around the zoo’s green areas, looking for something edible and squabbling with other couples. The hooded crows grab wool for nest insulation directly from the backs of the animals. Jungle cats are making love. The Turkmenian wild asses, shaggy in the spring, sunbathe at every opportunity and practice their running steps. Golden pheasants resoundingly announce that their wedding outfits are now perfect.

The big hairy armadillos were given a rotten log to play with, the vegetarian zoo animals, however, are feasting on fresh willow and fruit tree branches.

On Saturday, another Russian tortoise hatched in the pachyderm house, on Monday, the pygmy marmoset gave birth in the tropical house.
kilpkonnapoeg munakoorega_foto Inari Leiman õnnekurg pesal_foto Inari Leiman valgekured_foto Inari Leiman valgekurg pesal_foto Inari Leiman
The couple of red-crowned cranes, who started to hatch their egg on March 17, were followed example by the Siberian cranes. Both couples are carefully hatching despite the somersaults of the weather.

With the switching to summer time last Sunday, the children’s zoo has also changed opening times – the pets can now be visited until 7 in the evening. The zoo’s ticket offices are open from 9 to 5.

Before noon on Friday, the representatives of the organisations promoting environmental education gathered in the auditorium of the Environmental Education Centre, where Mailis Reps, the Minister of Education and Research, and Marko Pomerants, the Minister of the Environment, signed a joint action memorandum for the advancement of environmental education. The signing was followed by the presentation of three studies concerning environmental education and a tour of the zoo.


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