African elephant

Loxodonta africana


Family: Elephantidae

African elephant is currently the biggest living animal living on the ground: an elderly bull can weight up to 7,5 tons and shoulders can reach the height of up to 4 meters. Newborn elephants weight almost 100 kg.

African elephants form groups of 9 to 20 individuals: females, offspring and young bulls. The most experienced and most active female runs the group. Full-grown bulls live separately by themselves.

Elephant needs around 150 kg of food and 190 liters of water daily.

African elephants in Tallinn Zoo were born in the Kruger National Park in South Africa either on 1982 or 1983. After acclimatization training the elephants were transported to Tallinn through Brest on 1985. Carl, Fien and Draay were only 1,5 meters tall. On 1989 they walked after their keepers to the new Elephant house.

Carl Draay

Carl (2009)                                                                             Draay (2009)

Fien (2009)

Pictures: Aleksander Semjonov


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