East caucasian tur

Capra cylindricornis


A stocky mountain goat whose horns, curving up and out, then back and slightly down and in, are similar to those of mountain sheep. The horn length of an adult male is up to 115 cm. This species inhabits the eastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus east of Mount Dykhtau, occurring in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia (Daghestan, Checheno-Ingushetia, North Ossetia).

Ranging to the altitude of 4,200 m, the East Caucasian tur is a typical animal of the alpine and subalpine zones. Occasionally it can be found on steep rocky wooded slopes or in the forest zone. In winter the tur descend to lower elevations where the snow cover is thinner.

The wild population of the species has critically dwindled because of poaching, domestic livestock overgrazing, and warfare. Total number: <25,000, ↓

Owing to international cooperation, the species is breeding well in a number of zoos. International studbook for the East Caucasian tur is kept by Tallinn Zoo.

Dagestani-tuur-Christina-Daous Tuuri esimesed tantsutuurid. Ülo Veldre Dagestani tuur 6


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