Ninth week

The warm weather at the end of February pleasantly coaxed many of our feathered friends. The Brent geese are pairing up and are cackling loudly at each other, the silver pheasant male has started his mating dance as he displays his wing-whirring skills to the fullest. The pelicans, storks and greater rhea welcome spring as the snow melts, the Egyptian vultures prefer the outside enclosures over their warm inner rooms and the griffon vultures have settled themselves comfortably in their nests. Snow owls are welcoming spring with their songs, the Cape eagle-owl however has become very territorial as the breeding season nears and is protecting its territory fiercely form the workers. Even though our amur leopard Alexei is skilfully avoiding the puddles in his enclosure, his tail, hind legs and underbelly have still managed to get muddy.

On Monday our young Père David’s deer who was born in January was allowed outside with its mother.

On Tuesday we celebrated the 14th birthday of Tegita – our eldest Cameroons dwarf goat in the Childrens Zoo. Every now and then our white-furred goat grandma, who loves to be petted, is allowed to walk freely among the guests.

Early Wednesday morning a Russian tortoise hatched in our pachyderm house. The little one weight 19 grams.

The main event this week was our Polar Bear Day which brought together many enthusiasts. Friida and Aron received many gifts to snack on or play with. View gallery.

Emperor tamarins from the tropical house were moved to a bigger enclose.

Kurge farm from Jäneda donated to zoo animals almost 30 kilos of honey!

On Sunday the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) held a welcoming event at the pachyderm house hosted by the Tax and Customs Board.

The 3rd of March is the world’s Wildlife Day which has been celebrated worldwide since 2014 and this year it is dedicated to marine life.

Amur Tiger Pootsman is doing well in Zlin-Lešna zoo and has been accepted by his mate Tanya. Watch the video of how Tanya playfully puts Pootsman in place.


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