Second week

This Saturday on the 12th of January, Tallinn Zoo invites you to celebrate the Save the Eagles Day with us!

Come and see our Falconidae family and learn more about the eagle species living in Estonia. In addition, you can also watch the live feeding and test yourself as an “eagle” trying to spot its prey. In our Environmental Education Centre, you can challenge yourself in our Quiz Game and listen to Urmas Sellis, one of the members of the Eagle Club, talking about his encounters with eagles in nature.

Last Saturday, on the 5th of January, our workers from the Children’s Zoo had a lovely surprise –  Kihnu sheep from their enclosure had given birth to two yeanlings. As part of our longstanding tradition, the newest members were also named after small Estonian islands –  Kasselaid (black with a white spot on the forehead) and Kesselaid (all black).

Thursday, on the 10th of January, all the young Kihnu sheep – Sääri, Liisilaid and Läkumätas – received their yellow ear tags. Afterwards, Läkumätas was relocated to the bird pond to join his fellow rams, where his arrival caused quite a lot of excitement.

The mating season for Bearded vultures is still ongoing. The collared mangabeys, an endangered species from Africa whose existence is being threatened due to habitat loss and hunting, were spotted mating! The Pachyderm house is bustling as the rodents and reptiles are being moved into their new homes.

Tuesday, the 8th of January, marked the passing of our polar bear Nord.

The campaign to collect old mobile phones in order to recycle them and thus help to maintain animal habitats is still in action. The collection box is located at our West Gate, near the Environmental Education Centre (Ehitajate tee 150).


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