Seventh week

The Zoo and it’s café ILLU celebrated Valentine’s Day with special offers and shrove buns.

The long-legged storks have not yet been able to go outside while the black rhinos are enjoying their lives outside. Snow leopard pair are now spending time together in the big exposition instead of staying inside. Eagles are building nests.

Kigoma_foto Inari Leiman

Last Saturday the black rhino male Kigoma celebrated his 5th birthday. On the same day a group of animal friends, zoo employees and enthusiasts visited the Riga Zoo.

Albino tiger python was taken out of his cage for veterinarians to inspect it closer. It’s under medical care because of its stuck skin.

A Holland pygmy goat was born in the antelope house but it had to be taken under care by the zookeepers because the mother was not interested in it.

IUCN Estonian red book inauguration will be organized at the zoo on 19th of February. More information in Estonian here.


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