Matsalu Luontoelokuvien festivaali 16.-20. syyskuuta 2015


We would like to invite you to the 13th Annual Matsalu International Nature Film Festival being held in Estonia on September 16-20, 2015!

Our festival is an annual nature film event. It is named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, one of Europe’s largest bird sanctuaries and a wetland environment of global significance. The festival showcases a wide variety of international films about nature, wildlife, adventures, expeditions, environment, sustainability, biodiversity, conservation – films that depict nature in its diversity and films about the coexistence of man and nature.

Every September since 2003, the idyllic town of Lihula in Western Estonia hosts the five-day long event. Since 2008 a selection of films can be seen in Haapsalu and since last year also in Tallinn.

The festival hosts also nature photography exhibitions, meetings of nature photographers and other cultural events. Both professional and amateur photographers are welcome to share their photographs and experiences.”.” Text:


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Elokuvat näytetään niiden alkuperäiskielellä ja alla on vironkieliset tekstitykset. Elokuvat esitetään eläintarhan ympäristökeskuksen auditoriossa (osoite Ehitajate tee 150) länsiportilla.

Torstai 17. syyskuuta kello 18.00

47.Ninja Birds of KakaduThe Ninja-Birds of Kakadu: Comb-Crested Jacanas

Kakadu National Park is located in the northernmost part of Australia. During the rainy season, when vast expanses of wetland appear and many aquatic insects and fish emerge, aquatic birds arrive to feed on them and breed. Among them is the Comb-crested Jacana. These unique birds use their long toes to gracefully walk across lotus leaves and catch underwater prey. Interestingly, these birds are polyandrous, meaning the females mate with more than one male.
Director: Natsumi Kobayashi│2015│Japan│52 min


219 A Beetle Abroad_photoA Beetle Abroad

Delilah is a dung beetle and New Zealand is her new home. She is a foreigner to this land and has been brought here to assist with cleaning up the country’s poo problem…by eating it. New Zealand has lots of livestock manure and no one to clean it up. That’s where the dung beetles come in. But Delilah also has a personal mission – to find a mate and start a family. Will she succeed? And are dung beetles a solution to one of New Zealand’s biggest pollution problems?
Directors: Samantha Young, Elanor Gale│2014│New Zealand│25 min


Perjantai 18. syyskuuta kello 18.00

50.Rhinos 02Gambling on Extinction

This is a story is about greed and a merciless battle over a limited resource: Wild elephants and rhinos. It is in fact the dark side of globalization: Ivory and rhino horn have become lucrative commodities. It is now a 20 billion dollar a year business, the most lucrative after drugs and weapons and has been taken over by powerful, connected, heavily armed international syndicates.
Director: Jakob Kneser│2014│Germany-Canada│52 min

Check out the trailer here.

205 Tales of the Sand 2 Congre_baleares

The Sand … we look at it without paying any attention. Yet it is an amazing world of life of adaptations and behaviors as unique as they are varied! Burying, hiding, digging, covering, and resting: an apparently ordinary world inhabited by extraordinary animals.

Check out the teaser here.


Lauantai 19. syyskuuta kello 11.00

Polar Bear SummerPolar Bear in Fireweed

Film director Klaus Scheurich will be joining us.

Polar bears are the monarchs of the Arctic. They are adapted to life on ice and snow. Yet there is one place where they are marooned on land for several months every summer. How do they survive in an environment that is foreign to them? In a warming world, can their fate here give us hope for the species in general?
Director: Klaus Scheurich│2015│Germany│52 min


Lauantai 19. syyskuuta kello 14.00

82. Africa's WWsperr1Africa`s Wild West – Stallions of the Namib

In 1918 German and South African war-horses, no longer needed, were released into the Namibian desert. How could they survive, in one of the world’s most beautiful, parched and rugged landscapes? Miraculously, they have held on to this day, constantly crossing the desert in search of sparse patches of grass, returning for water to the single well built in colonial days, sharing it with perfectly adapted oryxes – while marauding spotted hyenaspatrol close by. Far inland, in ghost towns long since abandoned by the diamond industry, snakes, lizards, chameleons and dew-drinking beetles compete for food among the drifting sands.
Director: Franz Leopold Schmelzer│2014│Austria│51 min


The Wild Wet207 Photo 6 Australia_225_compressed

The planet’s most ancient rainforest is dark, damp and dangerous – a difficult place to survive! Come on a journey to the far north eastern corner of Australia where the descendants of dinosaurs still roam.
Directors: Joshua Mayo, Moritz Katz│2014│New Zealand│25 min

Check out the trailer here.


Sunnuntai 20. syyskuuta kello 11.00

21.EVERGLADES_baby and mother alligatorThe Everglades – A Watery Wildeerness

Forget that dark swamp picture, the Everglades in fact is a crystal clear shallow river flowing slowly towards the sea. This is an intimate portrait of this strange but troubled watery wilderness through the stories of the animals that call it home. The film has been shot for over two years and the filmmakers captured some never before filmed animal behaviors in this unique national park.
Director: Zoltan Török│2015│Germany│52 min


A couple of Gentoo Penguin chicks get a quick glimpse at the outside world as their guardian stands up on their nest for a brief moment. Location: Port Lockroy, AntarcticaSpeechless: The Polar Realm

Beautifully filmed over a decade in the Arctic, Antarctic and subpolar regions by Nature Photographer Richard Sidey, The Polar Realm is a visual meditation of light, life, loss and wonder at the ends of the globe.
Director: Richard Sidey│2015│New Zealand│44 min


Sunnuntai 20. syskuuta kello 14.00


America`s National Parks – Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a place of superlatives. Where else can you find sheer granite cliffs 900 meters high and giant sequoias well over 1000 years old? Beneath these towering heights live animals that make Yosemite their home: from bobcats, to black bears, to coyotes and golden eagles.
Director: Oliver Goetzl│2014│Germany│53 min


Defendant 5211 Defendant 5

When a young filmmaker documents the destruction of Tasmania’s ancient forests she is swept up in a multi-million dollar legal battle that challenges the right to free speech.
Director: Heidi Lee Douglas│2014│Australia│30 min

Check out the trailer here.



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