• 20.04.2017Fifteenth week

    On Sunday at noon, the birthday party of the Amur leopard Darla takes place. Stories about Amur leopards are told…

  • 13.04.2017Fourteenth week

    The first week of April has been full of spring sun and cheerful bustling.    Pheasants weave shallow nests of…

  • 7.04.2017Thirteenth week

    The last week of March, which was cheerfully sunny and awoke the coltsfoots, lured the buds of liverleaves out of…

  • 27.03.2017Twelfth week

    Approaching the camel enclosure upwind, the urine-smelling love aromas can be detected from quite a distance. Lips foaming and head…

  • 20.03.2017Eleventh week

    The spring is coming in long strides, the hazel is blossoming, and the yet leafless forest is full of birdsong….


  • Ticket office
  • Indoor expositions *
  • Children’s Zoo

*Indoor exhibitions are closed on Mondays
You are allowed to walk in the Zoo for 2 hours after the Ticket office is closed.

How to get here

Entrance at Paldiski mnt
Bus stop: Zoo, busses nr. 21, 21B, 22, 42 and 43; by car, bicycle or walk

Entrance at Ehitajate tee
Bus stop: Nurmenuku, busses nr. 10, 28, 41, 42, 43, 46, 47; by car, bicycle or walk

Entrance locations on the map


Mo-Fr +372 6943 300

Ehitajate tee 150 / Paldiski mnt. 145