Is the zoo open on public holidays?
Yes, the zoo is open absolutely every day, even during public holidays. See opening hours for more details.
Is there luggage storage at the zoo?
No. There is no luggage storage at the zoo.
Is there a lost property office?
If you have lost something, you can contact us at Lost items can be retrieved from the west and north gates of the zoo during the cash desk opening hours. We store lost things for two months.
Is it possible to ride a bicycle, scooter, or roller skate in the zoo?
To ensure the safety of our animals and other guests, bicycles, scooters and skates must be left outside. Lightweight vehicles may only be used by zoo staff, visitors with reduced mobility on presentation of a valid disability certificate and children up to 115 cm tall under the responsibility and care of their parents.
Is it possible to visit the zoo with a dog?
Unfortunately not. The exception is guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people.
Is it allowed to take pictures and videos at the zoo?
You can take photos and videos to store personal memories and post them on social media. At the same time, we’re happy if you mark us as well (@tallinnzoo), especially if you’ve had some great moments that we can share at the zoo in the future. When doing so, please stick to the visitor paths and make sure you do not use flash in the animal houses. Commercial photography and filming is a paid service and takes place by prior arrangements with the zoo’s sales and marketing department.
Is it possible to use a wheelchair on the territory of the zoo?
Yes, it is also possible for a wheelchair user to move around the territory. The entrances to our indoor exhibitions (Tropical House and Elephant House) are equipped with a ramp. All of our toilets (including Café Illu) have a disabled toilet. See also Information for people with disabilities


Can I feed the animals?
In general, visitors are not permitted to feed the animals at Tallinn Zoo. This is the job of the keepers, who know exactly what each animal should eat and what is bad for them. Overeating or eating poor food causes health problems that can be fatal.
Does the zoo accept wild, domestic and pet animals?
No, we don’t. For veterinary reasons and to ensure the safety of our animals, we are unable to accept animals from the wild or from private hands.
Can I bring an injured animal to the zoo?
The zoo does not accept injured animals. To report helpless and injured animals, first, call the state information telephone 1247. You can also report a helpless animal to the Estonian Fund for Nature, such information will help them map the situation of helpless animals in Estonia and inform veterinarians, and in some cases also give advice. In most cases, they cannot go anywhere and help the animal because they do not have such a specialist on a daily basis. The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals or the Estonian Wildlife Association, tel +372 5632 2200 may also be notified of an emergency. If the animal’s life is in danger and other numbers do not answer, you can call 112 or the emergency number 1524.

The wild animal must never be rushed during emotions and first impressions, the welfare of the animal and the safety of the helper must always come first. Many puppies spend much of their time alone at some point in their lives, and parents only feed and relocate them at certain intervals. Certainly, parents do not dare to come to their sons when a person is nearby. If it is clear that the animal is in a truly helpless situation, there must be a plan for what to do and how to proceed.
How can I support the zoo animals?
Thank you! We appreciate your commitment to Tallinn Zoo. You can find information on all the ways to support us here.


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