Our mission

Tallinn Zoo is a worthy part of the global network of Zoos. Like all Zoos, we rely on three pillars: the animals, the visitors, and the Zoo team. The skilful combination of this trio gives us an excellent opportunity to operate in four areas: nature education, direct nature conservation, research, and providing educational recreation for our visitors. The precondition for all this is better care for the welfare of the species and animals we are responsible for, both in the Zoo itself and in nature.

In short, our mission is “caring” and “teaching caring.” In other words, the consistent promotion of a natural culture that cares for biodiversity and understands the environment as a whole, from children to the elderly. Therefore, the Tallinn Zoo, being a unique natural island in the urban landscape, has a vital role to play in our national culture.



  • Ticket office and entrance 9-18
  • Indoor Expositions, incl Rainforest Tue-Sun 10-19
  • Entrance to indoor exhibitions 10-18:30
  • Children's Zoo 10-19
  • Souvenir Shop 10-19
  • The Zoo 9-20
Indoor expositions are closed on Mondays.

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