Where to go for a picnic?

There are picnic areas of various sizes on the grounds of the zoo, which can be used and rented for various events. You can find the locations of the picnic grounds on the zoo map. All pitches have six sets of wooden picnic tables, unfortunately we do not have shelters or tents.

Private individuals can have a picnic free of charge in green areas open to visitors (except for paid picnic areas) with their own picnic basket and linen, without disturbing other visitors and handling animals.

Fox Hill picnic ground

Fox Hill picnic ground is located near the Western Gate, near the bird ponds and the children’s zoo. The private picnic area in a small grove is suitable for both larger and smaller groups (approx. 30-150 people). There are 6 sets of picnic tables and electricity in the picnic area.

Windmill Square

Windmill Square is located near the Northern Gate and the large lawn is well suited for setting up a tent and holding larger events (approx. 100-1000 people). There are 6 sets of picnic tables and electricity in the picnic area.

Bison Square

Bison Square is located next to the children’s playground and is well suited for groups with smaller children. There are 6 picnic tables for use on the edge of the forest.

Price list

Ordering picnics and picnic sitesPrice (1h)
Use of the picnic area when the zoo is open + the price of the tickets is added61 €
Use of the picnic area after the zoo is closed; price coefficient 0.5-1.0 + ticket price is added122 €
Preparation of the picnic area13 €


  • Before ordering a picnic read the rules of visitation.
  • To order the picnic grounds please contact: broneering@tallinzoo.ee
  • Please order the picnic area at least five days in advance.
  • If desired, you may order a tour as well as the picnic.


  • We recommend paying for the use of the picnic area in cash or with a bank card at the zoo cash desk. The cashier issues a check. The check must be kept until the end of the picnic and presented on demand.
  • Companies have the opportunity to submit a letter of guarantee to the zoo at least 5 days in advance.
  • In the guarantee letter, please indicate the name of the ordered picnic place, the date of the picnic, the start and end time, how many adults, pupils, students, pensioners, conscripts, children from the age of 3 years of age participates. If the excursion(s) have been ordered, also indicate the start and end time of the excursion and the number of guides on the guarantee letter. On the basis of the guarantee letter, the city of Tallinn will issue you an invoice through the zoo’s accounting department.

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