Here you will find all the necessary information for visitors with special needs


The zoo has two entrances: the North Entrance at 145 Paldiski mnt and the West Entrance at 150 Ehitajate tee. We recommend entering through the West Entrance, as it is equipped with a non-steep ramp. The Environmental Education Centre and the Children’s Zoo are also located by the West Entrance.


Four parking spots are marked for people with disabilities in close proximity to the Environmental Education Centre. The parking card received upon entering the West Entrance car park can be validated in the ticket office or with the traffic warden. For visitors with disabilities, parking is free for their vehicle with the respective parking card during their visit to the zoo upon presenting a certificate.
Parking is also free by the North Entrance. For people with mobility disabilities, entering the zoo is less convenient from the North Entrance because the ramp there is steeper.

Public transport

The city buses stop at the North Entrance on Paldiski maantee and the West Entrance on Ehitajate tee.

  • Buses No. 21, 21B, 42, and 43 stop at ‘Zoo’ by the North Entrance.
  • Buses No. 21 and 21B depart from the Baltic Station and drive towards the stop ‘Zoo’ along Mere puiestee and Vabaduse väljak.
  • Bus No. 42 departs from Kaubamaja and bus No. 43 from the Baltic Station. Upon arrival at the bus stop, you will need to cross Paldiski highway. A pedestrian crossing with a traffic light is by the bus stop.
  • A cycle and pedestrian track lead to the North Entrance. When returning to the city centre, we recommend also taking the cycle and pedestrian track towards the bus stop by the North Entrance. The route to the stop is longer but less steep.
  • Bus No. 16 departs from Teatri väljak (Theatre Square) and Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square) in the city centre and stops at ‘Meistri’, approximately 200 metres from the West Entrance. To reach the zoo, you will need to cross Ehitajate tee. Pedestrian crossings with traffic lights are near the bus stop.
  • Buses No. 42 and 43 stop both at ‘Zoo’ on Paldiski maantee and at ‘Karikakra’ on Ehitajate tee.


Visiting the zoo is free of charge for:

  • children with disabilities aged up to 16 upon presenting a valid disability card and identity document, as well as for one person accompanying them;
  • people with profound or severe disabilities aged 16 or above upon presenting a valid disability card or pension certificate and an identity document, as well as for one person accompanying them;
  • people with no work ability upon presenting a valid disability card and an identity document.

Technical aid for moving on the territory of the zoo

Upon presenting a valid disability card, people with mobility disabilities may enter the zoo with a wheelchair, a walking frame, a self-balancing scooter, a mobility scooter, or a tricycle.
Wheelchairs or walking frames can be rented at the zoo, if necessary. The rental is free of charge. If you wish to rent a wheelchair or walking frame, please let us know at or by phone on working days at +372 6943300 and on days off at +372 6943338 or +372 6943337. People with visual disabilities may enter the zoo with a guide dog.

Pathways on the territory

The pathways on the territory of the zoo have different surfaces and degrees of inclination. Ramps lead to all buildings. Please pay attention when moving around in a wheelchair, as the road surfaces are uneven.

Wheelchair lift

The wheelchair lift allows access to the observation tower of the Pachyderm House. The lift can carry up to 400 kg.

Accessible toilets

There are a total of six accessible toilets on the territory of the zoo. Two are located on the basement floor of the Environmental Education Centre at the West Entrance by the souvenir shop and the Children’s Zoo. Accessible toilets are also located at the Pachyderm House near the West Entrance, the red Polarium near the North Entrance, in the Rainforest restaurant and the building located by the resting area towards Paldiski mnt from the seals.


Open Every Day

  • Ticket Office and Entrance 9-18
  • The Zoo 9-20
  • Indoor Expositions, incl Rainforest Mon 11-19, Tue-Sun 10-19
  • Children's Zoo 10-19

Zoo map