Processing of personal data

We process your personal data in accordance with the personal data protection regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia and the Terms and Conditions of Data Protection of Tallinn. The contact person regarding the terms and conditions of data protection of the Zoo is

Terms and conditions of use of e-tickets

Terms and conditions of use of e-tickets

Visiting the website of the Zoo

Data about the visitor collected and stored when visiting the website of the Tallinn Zoo:

1. the Internet address (IP address) of the computer or computer network used;
2. the name and address of the computer or computer network Internet service provider used;
3. time of visit (time, date, year).
IP addresses are not connected with personally identifiable information. Data is collected as to which part of the website is visited and how long visitors stay there. The data collected is used to compile visit statistics in order to develop the website and make it more convenient for the visitor.
5. The website of the Zoo may contain links to other websites that do not belong to the Tallinn Zoo, and we are not responsible for the privacy and personal data processing principles of these websites.

Cookies used on the website

Cookiesare small files that are generated when a website is visited and then stored on a web visitor’s device. Cookies are designed to improve the user experience of the web visitor. A cookie stores the preferences you choose when you visit the website, and they will be used next time you visit the website.


By entering an e-mail address, you consent to processing of your personal data (e-mail address) for the purpose of sending the newsletter. Each newsletter has an unsubscribe option, which you can click on to remove yourself from such data. The data will be stored until the consent is withdrawn, following which it will be deleted.

Provision of services

In connection with the ordered services, including excursions, city camps, active learning programs, birthday programs, rental of rooms and picnic areas, summer days, company parties, etc., we only use the personal data that we have become aware of in connection with these events, and we do not forward it to third parties. We only use data related to pre-registration for public events for personal communication related to a specific event, and the data will be deleted after the event.

Photography and filming

Public events at the Zoo (including excursions, anniversaries, lectures) may be photographed or filmed. These recordings are published on the website and (social) media of the Zoo, or in publications of the Zoo. According to Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the obligation to provide information does not apply to public events, recording of which can reasonably be expected for the purpose of the disclosure. In the case of such photographic and video material, the Zoo may set a permanent storage period.

Video surveillance

Video cameras have been installed in the territory of the Zoo to ensure security. The data is processed by the Internal Security Department of the Zoo, and the recordings are accessible only to those persons whose duties require it. The recordings are usually stored for up to 30 days.

Application for a job or internship

When a person applies for a job or internship at the Tallinn Zoo, we proceed from the information disclosed by the person or obtained from public sources. The candidate has the right to know what data has been collected about them, and to present their explanations and objections.

Recruitment of candidates is organised by the human resources manager of the Tallinn Zoo. The details of participants in the recruitment competition will not be disclosed to other candidates and persons who do not participate in the specific recruitment and selection process. All persons involved in a recruitment process will keep confidential all information received (written or electronically submitted application documents) and collected about the candidates.

We assume that the candidate has provided consent to the referrers named in the application documents to answer questions about the candidate, and that the referrers have agreed that the organisation may contact them for information.

We will store the data of unsuccessful candidates to resolve any legal disputes that may arise in the recruitment process until the claim expires (one year). With the consent of the candidate, we will store the candidate’s data for the purpose of proposing to participate in a future competition within the period agreed with the candidate.

The candidate’s data is restricted information to which third parties can have access only in cases provided by the law.

If you are applying for an internship with us, the same requirements apply to the processing of personal data as in the case of applying for a job.


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