Late-night excursions on Tuesdays and Thursdays 28 May – 11 July.

Pre-sale for groups has started!

We once again invite you to participate in our special and unique late-night zoo excursions. At a time when traffic noise around the zoo is subsiding and the city is falling asleep, when the silence and peace of night has arrived, nocturnal and crepuscular animals become active, the actions of which may not be seen in the middle of the day. Interest and observation are usually mutual. Just as visitors study the animals, groups of late-night visitors attract the attention of the animals. Especially the first excursion groups in May and early June.

Late-night excursions at the zoo are led by experienced zookeepers and zoo guides.

    • Tickets
      • Tickets for late-night excursions are not sold at the zoo’s ticket offices. Tickets are on sale for excursions in Russian and Estonian, as well as for one excursion in English, which will take place on 13 June.
    • Excursion times and prices
      • Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the period 28 May – 11 July.
      • Excursions start at 20:30 and last until midnight.
      • Each evening there are four excursions: Two groups start from the west gate (Ehitajate tee 150) and two groups from the north gate (Paldiski mnt 145).
      • A full ticket costs EUR 30 and a discount ticket* EUR 20. At Piletilevi, service fees are added for the sale of individual tickets. *The discount ticket is valid upon presentation of an identity document for students, pensioners, and persons with partial work ability.
    • Please note!
      • The western gate ticket is valid only at the western gate – Ehitajate tee 150, and the north gate ticket only at the north gate – Paldiski mnt 145!
      • Excursions take place on foot, no wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs) are permitted.
      • In the case of children, it should be taken into account that the excursion includes a walk of 3.5 hours and covers nearly five kilometres. It is necessary to move quietly and with restraint – experience shows that young children get tired, so we recommend leaving them at home, if possible.
      • Excursions take place in any weather and tickets will not be refunded.

    The first late-night excursion brought people to the zoo 45 years ago, in 1979.

    Mati Kaal, the long-time director of the Tallinn Zoo, recalls: ‘We ourselves had enjoyed walks in the zoo, both on late summer evenings and around sunrise, and knew how special they were compared to daytime. We provided these excursions to journalists, and as the journalists wrote about these excursions, the knowledge gradually became more widespread. With the help of journalists, we announced when such an opportunity would be taking place and the excited people came with joy.’

    Wishing you exciting late-night encounters at the zoo!


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