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For the benefit of Ukrainian zoos, you can also donate using bank links on the Tallinn City e-services page or by making a card payment via EveryPay.

Tallinn Zoo is one of the many zoos in the world that is collecting donations to help the staff and animals of Ukrainian zoos affected by war. Donations from people living in Estonia will be passed on in full to Ukrainian aquaria and zoos through European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) rescue operation. Contributions can be made throughout the crisis.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues to inflict suffering on the people, but also on the voiceless victims of the war, the animals. Ukrainian zoos have no role in this conflict in the human world, yet they too are under attack in the war. Right at the beginning of the invasion, Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv was hit by several projectiles. Subsequent missiles damaged various exhibits, as a result of which some animals were wounded, some died and some escaped. At the Mykolaiv Zoo, bombs landed near the polar bear and tiger enclosures. The Kyiv Zoo has managed to move some of the animals into shelters, and around 50 staff and their families have moved into the zoo to keep the stressed animals calm around the clock and not abandon them in the war. The zoo is also being helped by local residents, but Feldman Ecopark has already reported the shooting of two volunteers who came to feed the animals by Russian soldiers.

In order to allow Ukrainian zoo staff to focus on the immediate situation during the war, they are being assisted by zoos in other countries, who are helping to evacuate endangered animals from war zones where possible and collect donations. Under the bombardment, no zoo has time to coordinate fundraising alongside survival and calming terrified animals. Although help is needed in this humanitarian disaster everywhere, as a member of the European Association of Aquaria and Zoos, Tallinn Zoo stands with other zoos to help Ukrainian zoo workers and the stressed animals under their care.

The zoo also calls on people in Estonia to support the animals and staff of Ukrainian zoos during the war disaster through Tallinn Zoo. People’s donations will be passed on in full to the Ukrainian zoos and every contribution will be gratefully received.

The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria reports that as of 3.02.2023, thanks to the extraordinary support of more than 10,000 individuals and 100 institutions, the Ukrainian Zoo Emergency Fund has the Ukrainian Zoo Emergency Fund has collected 1,828,384 euros, including 20,000 euros through the Tallinn Zoo. The fundraising continues and the money will go to Ukrainian zoos to buy food, veterinary equipment, fuel and means of transport. Everything that is essential in a war situation. Read more


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