The construction of Tiger Valley will begin!

The construction of Tiger Valley will start soon, and therefore fences have been installed around it, so that the construction can start smoothly and without worries. In this regard, visitors should take into account a slightly longer walk and follow the arrow signs in the vicinity of the future tiger valley.

Tiger valley should be ready be the autumn of 2023. This is an exceptional exhibition, which, together with many other species, gives our Amur tiger Pootsman a new and proud home, the like of which cannot be found in Europe. However, Pootsman will not be the only tiger there, there is room for more in the valley. Until the Tiger Valley is completed, Pootsman is staying at the Ljubljana Zoo in Slovenia, waiting to return home.

Animal welfare conditions in Tiger Valley will improve significantly compared to the present, starting with the size of the territory and ending with facilities designed to enrich the living environment of the zoo’s inhabitants. Tunnels are built in the valley to move between different outdoor areas, walls resembling rocks are erected and bait ropes are installed. Animal storage buildings and additional enclosures will also be built. Considering the visitors, observation shelters have been planned for a more comfortable observation of the inhabitants of the valley.

Zoo director Tiit Maran believes that there is no other exposition on such a scale in Europe. “Many people have participated in the creation of the concept of the Tiger Valley. We want to make the Tiger Valley a place whose solutions incorporate the best knowledge in the world today,” Maran introduced the plans for the zoo.

“Our Tiigriorg is something new in its nature, it could also be called a tiger country. Two parts for five tigers are planned for an area of approximately one hectare – the larger one is natural, and the smaller one is an area of more intense experience, where the contact between the visitor and the tiger would be closer. For a possible increase in the tiger family, there are plans also three spare enclosures. Tiigriorg forms a single whole, which can certainly accommodate a lot of a-ha experiences.”

The designer of Tiigrioru is SWECO Projekt AS, the builder is ATEMO OÜ/EG Ehitus AS, and the owner supervision is carried out by OÜ Keskonnaprojekt. The cost of the construction works, including VAT, is nearly 6.46 million euros. Work begins in July 2022 and the date of completion is 20th August 2023. The buildings are then furnished and populated with its inhabitants. Tiger Valley will be opened after the animals have had time to adapt to their new home.



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