Amur leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis


The Amur leopard, the northernmost of all leopard subspecies, is one of the most endangered big cats in the world.

The range of the Amur leopard dramatically decreased during the 20th c. While at the beginning of the century this species was still quite common in southern Primorye, its population gradually got fragmented and at present only a small population of half a hundred individuals lives in the Russian, Chinese and North Korean border region.

The Amur leopard shows the strongest divergence in pattern. Its bright, beautiful coat varies from yellow to orange and is covered in a pattern of large (5×5 cm) widely spaced (ab. 2.5 cm apart) rosettes with tawny centres. In winter, the length of the hair on the back reaches 5 cm and on the stomach 7.5 cm.

The bright spotted pelt merges well into the surroundings, making the leopard hardly noticeable.

The Amur leopard inhabits alpine tundra, preferring rugged terrain interspersed with pine-broadleaf and silver fir forests, crevices and watersheds. It is seldom found above 400 m.

This big cat avoids deep snow and rarely strays to the cliffs of the sea coast.


  • Born 13.07.1995 in Tallinn Zoo

Freddi-Signe-Kalgan Freddi-Signe-Kalgan2 Freddi-Signe-Kalgan3


  • Born 17.04.2004 in Berlin Tierpark

Darla-Britta-Kalgan Darla-Britta-Kalgan (2) Darla-Britta-Kalgan3

First cubs by Freddi and Darla were born on 15.05.2008 – Edgar, Toomas and Kaia

  • Edgar lives in Erie Zoo
  • Toomas lives in Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki
  • Kaia lives in Marwell Zoo

05.04.2010 Hanka and Hasan were born


  • Hanka lives in Prague Zoo
  • Hasan lives in Novosibirsk Zoo

Hasan-Signe-Kalgan Hasan-Signe-Kalgan2 Hasan-Maaja-Kitsing Hasan-Maaja-Kitsing (2)

On 14th of April 2011 the first cub died during labor. The second cub was christened Baruto, which is also the alias for a sumo wrestler Kaido Höövelson.

  • Baruto lives in Italy in Parco Faunistico La Torbiera

Baruto, photo by Britta Kalgan Baruto-Britta-Kalgan

13.04.2012 Akra, Vlada and Freya were born

  • Akra lives in Moscow Zoo
  • Vlada lives in Bellewaerde Zoo
  • Freya lives in Yorkshire Wildife Parki

Last cubs were born on 03.04.2014 – Dora, Muusi & Freddo

Amuuri-leopard-Christina-Daous2 Amuuri-leopard-Christina-Daous Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan4 Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan3 Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan2 Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan6 Amuuri-leopard-Signe-Kalgan5


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