An exciting trip to the heart of Africa

1989. The Pachyderm House, built in 1989 for the fiftieth anniversary of the Zoo, is home to today’s largest land mammals, African savannah elephants with powerful tusks in danger of extinction. Eastern black rhinoceros, which are in a critical state in the wild, and the pygmy hippopotamus with a solitary and covert way of life, which is also in danger of extinction, also live here.

From the list of predators, you can see beautiful high-legged cat caracals and always a vivid and ready-to-act family of meerkats. Mice are represented by the Asian minor spiny mice, Barbary striped mice, and domestic and laboratory rats.

You can also see a lot of exciting reptiles: one of the longest snakes in the world, the Burmese python, a ball python that became famous as a bracelet of Egyptian queen Cleopatra, a beautifully patterned boa constrictor, a yellow anaconda lurking for a catch in the water. In addition, smaller boas, differently colored colubrids, a legless lizard, slow warm blue-tongued skink, Jackson’s chameleon, a black-lined plated lizard, a Cape girdled lizard, geckos, leopard tortoises, and Russian tortoises.


Open Every Day

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