Just a few dozen steps from the north gate of the Zoo is the Polarium, where you will meet the powerful creatures of the polar areas – polar bears.

The world of polar bears with spacious conditions is home to the mother bear of our Zoo Friida and the father bear Rasputin. To discover the polar bears and their territory, there is a path for walking in the Polarium, which allows you to observe the activities of the animals from several angles – explore the bears through the glass, underwater prism, from the upper platform, and the lower pool floor and in frosty weather in the warm room of the bear house. An exciting overview of the Arctic rulers in the wild is provided by the Polarium information boards, where you can read about the polar bears’ diet, compare your height to that of upright bears, crawl into a polar bear cave, or explore a polar bear house with a thermal camera image of how the fur of polar bears keeps warm compared to your own warm winter pants.

Did you know?

The project of the glorious polar bear world started in 2012 with the civic initiative of Veronika Padar and Olivia Elise Luggenberg. The polarium was completed in 2017 and won a special award for the outstanding architectural solution of the landscape in the competition “Concrete Building of the Year 2017”. We thank everyone who has contributed to the completion of the polar bear world both financially and with their advice and strength!


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