Journey to tropical Southeast Asia

The rainforest exhibition area rising in the middle of the Zoo leads to a journey to a year-round warm and species-rich Southeast Asia. Here you will meet many rare animal species, including the binturong, the smooth-coated otter, the fishing cat, and the flying fox. The colorful birds that fly freely bring tropical nature even closer.

The greenhouse, which is inhabited by animals and lush vegetation, plays a key role in promoting the biodiversity of the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. The tunnel leading from the entrance to the Rainforest, the interactive gallery following the greenhouse, and the beautiful view of the Rainforest from the cafe also play an important role in getting the experience. In addition to introducing exotic fauna, a visit to the Rainforest gives a complete picture of the fragile condition of this vital equatorial natural zone, which is being destroyed by human activity.

We will open in the spring of 2023!

The new and modern Rainforest to be built at the Tallinn Zoo will not copy any of the existing rainforest expositions in the world. This is an original project born of working with Zoo designers; the resulting structure will be unique. The deadline for completion of the building is October 2022. As animals and plants need time to adapt, we will open the Rainforest for visitors April 2023.



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Indoor expositions are closed on Mondays.

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