The vast exposition of Middle Asia is dedicated to the animals from the steppe and semi-deserts from central Asia.

Throughout the year and in all weather, you can see the unpretentious and stoically peaceful yaks of the Himalayan highlands with a herding way of life, Przewalski’s horses of tragic fate from the Mongolian expanses, the resilient Turkmen donkeys aka kulans and the always-vigilant and careful Bukhara deer.. Bactrian camels are nicely visible even in the snow, and the striped hyenas, which otherwise love to linger in the spring and summer sun, are also active in their outdoor pens in the mild winter weather.

The exhibition line of pheasants becomes especially spectacular in the spring when pheasant cocks don the wedding garment and start making eyes with hens. Nearby, Siberian cranes with loud voices and graceful poses attract attention, but unfortunately, there are only a few thousand specimens of them left in the wild.

When walking into the complex of small carnivores of Central Asia, you will meet the Amur cat, fluffy-haired and charmingly angry Pallas’s cats, and the almost always ready to socialize and curious corsac foxes.



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  • Indoor Expositions, incl Rainforest Tue-Sun 10-19
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Indoor expositions are closed on Mondays.

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