The new home of the Amur tiger

The planned Tiger Valley exposition in Tallinn Zoo is a modern construction solution that is not seen anywhere else in Europe. The planning has been based primarily on ensuring animal welfare but also on creating a rich experience for visitors. In addition to the Amur tiger, several other species from the Far East can be seen in the Tiger Valley, such as the colorful mustelid Yellow-throated marten, the diligent hoarder of plant food, round-eared pika, the hornless but with sharp and long fangs Musk deer, and the skilled mountain climber goral with short sharp horns. All species will live in an environment similar to their natural habitat, allowing visitors to get an idea of the nature of the Far East.

At the moment, we hope that the Tiger Valley will be completed in 2023, but this is a very large-scale project, and therefore it may take longer than expected to complete.



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