The environment of a real tropical forest, where it is warm and humid all year round!

The two-part tropical house of the Tallinn Zoo provides an overview of the biodiversity of tropical areas. From freshwater fish to inhabitants of coral reefs. From the big hairy armadillo living in the grassland and semi-desert areas and the common marmosets climbing the treetops of the tropical forest. You can observe the activities of the family of punk-looking cotton-top tamarins who are in a critical state in nature, admire colorful parrots, giant snake anaconda, a large common iguana, a green crested basilisk that can run on the water surface, and many other reptiles, peculiar amphibians, interesting fish and exciting anthropods.

Sharpening your eye at the night exposition, you can see extremely supple and flexible kinkajous with a prehensile tail, sometimes called honey bears, and tiny Senegalese galagos, whose cries are reminiscent of a child crying.

Step into the tropical rainforest!

Throughout the year, in the warm and humid tropical house, which imitates the ambiance of a tropical rainforest (humidity 80-90%, temperature 24-28 ° C), you can see the largest and smallest crocodile in the world: the saltwater crocodile and the African dwarf crocodile. A sharp eye catches one of the world’s rarest crocodile, critically endangered Chinese alligator swimming in the pools, and a Chinese soft-shell turtle endangered due to it being consumed as food.

Here you can explore the life of human closest relatives, chimpanzees in danger of extinction in the wild, and the world’s smallest monkeys, the pygmy marmosets. A large marine aquarium with colorful corals and fish is really eye-catching.

In the summer, the outdoor exhibition features flamingos and hornbills, the extremely rare Asian lion, Madagascar lemurs, the world’s largest game gaur, warthogs and red river hogs.


Open Every Day

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  • The Zoo 9-20
  • Indoor Expositions, incl Rainforest Mon 11-19, Tue-Sun 10-19
  • Children's Zoo 10-19

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