The fastest way to reach the Zoo’s Hawk hill is by entering the north gate.

Here is an exposition of Accipitridae and owls, also a considerable number of eagles and vultures, a goodly selection of Strix species, and the only high-legged, careful cats in Estonian forests with very beautiful fur – the lynx.

In the exposition of the Hawk hill eagles, you can admire 12 species of Accipitridae, half of which are included in the list of endangered or near endangered species. Although eagles do not yet have ideal conditions in the Zoo, many of them have nevertheless managed to give birth to offspring. Moreover, under the breeding program for endangered species, eagles and bearded eagles born here have also been reintroduced into European nature.

The Strix, with their big eyes, quiet flight, and interesting sounds, are quite unique in the bird kingdom. Among their representatives are Strix weighing only 40 g that can fit in the palm of the hand, as well as “giants” weighing 4 kg. In the Strix alley, you can see both larger and smaller domestic Strix species, as well as a cape eagle owl from the southern tip of Africa, which is not found anywhere else in Estonia.

The Hawk hill is open all year. Only during the early spring is the eagle exposition partially closed so that our birds can focus on each other, and their hatching is undisturbed.


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